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What would you like to know? Submit a question or make a suggestion.



How do I make my voice heard? Attend a board meeting. Drop a note in the box at the kiosk in the Gathering Hall. Send a note by using the suggestion form. It will be directed to the appropriate person who will respond by email, phone, or arrange to meet with you, as preferred.

How do I get a name tag? Complete a Visitor Sign-Up sheet at the Welcome Table or at the kiosk. It should be ready by the following Sunday. 

I met someone at church and I’d like to contact them. How can I do that? Only members of UUFCO have access to contact information of other members. Our office staff can forward your contact information to the other individual to contact you.

How can I become a member? Participate in Membership Orientation Classes. More information available on our Path to Membership page.

Do you have WiFi in the building I may use? Yes. The password is posted on the bulletin board between the Conference Room and the office.

How do I know if there's a snow closure? It will be on the church's voicemail message, posted on the home page of this website, and included with KTVZ announcements.


Print Media 

ACE (All Congregation Email)—Weekly on Wednesdays. UUFCO news and events only.

  • Deadline: Tuesday at noon of the week you want your notice to appear. Indicate how many weeks you want it to appear. (3 weeks max)

  • Content: Be brief. Max 120 words. Include preferred method of contact (email, phone). Suggest a one to two word headline.

  • To submit article: Use ACE Submission Form.

Newsletter—Monthly except July. UUFCO matters or sponsored events only.

Fresh Sheet—Distributed Sunday mornings. Deadline Thursday at noon.


Sunday Service Announcements

In-Person Announcements from the Pulpit—Submit your request (including the script of the announcement) to the Congregational Life Facilitator by 9 a.m. on the Wednesday before. Staff has the prerogative to deny the request, depending on the service or other announcements to be made.

Joys & Sorrows—These are intended for joys, sorrows, and expressions of gratitude, and not for announcements, recruiting pitches, or making statements regarding the global or political situation. The minister or worship associate has the prerogative not to read a submitted Joy & Sorrow if the content does not meet with the criteria stated above. "Joys & Sorrows" forms are located at the end of the kiosk. Place in the dropbox that says "Joys & Sorrows." 

Locations in the Building

Kiosk (Usually in the Gathering Hall)—This is a place where visitors can learn more about us, pick up UUFCO and UUA brochures, and sign up to receive more information. It is a hub for members as well friends, with the latest postings and signups for activities. The kiosk is divided into various aspects of the Fellowship. Please submit any materials to be posted to the office for approval; limit to 8-1/2" wide. 

Community Bulletin Board (in the service hallway off the Gathering Hall, opposite the kitchen) — This area is intended for posters and announcements of community events of interest to members, friends, and visitors. Social Justice activities, concerts, and other events in keeping with UU values and principles may be posted here. Only members of UUFCO may post business cards. Please date item and submit to office staff for initials.

Board/Admin Bulletin Board (In the vestibule between the Conference Room and admin offices) — This space is primarily church business: board minutes and notices, articles about church members. There are usually some brochures here for visitors.

Poster Stands (Portable)—We have two large poster stands (24x36") suitable for major events, and three letter-size stands (8.5x11"). Contact the office staff if you would like to use one for your event. Large poster stands are in the coat closet. 



Of all of our communications tools, our website reaches the widest audience. It has three distinct purposes: to welcome potential visitors and make it easier to visit and learn more about us; to provide the greater Central Oregon community an introduction to our Fellowship and Unitarian Universalism; and to be a resource for members and friends with current information about upcoming services and activities, the calendar with descriptions of events, access to the members' directory, online donations, and other forms. Contact the webteam if you have updates, corrections, or additions to the site.


Writing for UUFCO

Print media is the foundation of our publicity: it reaches people who are not in the sanctuary on Sunday; the information is available later when needed; people who aren't interested can skip it.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Make it clear. Make it brief. Make it interesting.

  • Refrain from using all caps, unless typing an acronym, like UUFCO.

  • Use only one space after a period.

  • Do not use fancy formatting (italics or bold) when submitting articles. The editor will format your article.

  • When writing times of day, use 9 a.m., 9:30 a.m., noon, 1–2:30 p.m. (with no additional period after the dot)

  • Check for accuracy before submitting article. The editor does not edit for content.

The “UUFCO Editorial Style Guide” is now available. There is a copy of the AP Stylebook 2017 in the office.

The “UUFCO Graphic Style Guide,” developed in 2019, covers our color palette and how it was developed, guidelines, and fonts.

Emailing at UUFCO

The Healthy Congregations Committee suggests these Tips About Email at UUFCO.


Members and friends have the right to "opt out" on the use of their last name or photograph in church communications. From the UUFCO Board Policy Book:

Material published on the Church’s website shall identify individuals only where appropriate and then, only with written permission. Written permissions will be obtained from the individuals concerned prior to publishing surnames or other personal information such as home or work addresses, email addresses, and phone/fax numbers. 

The UUFCO staff understands that some people may choose to not have their photos used and we want to respect their wishes. Therefore, we provide a  Photographs-Videos-Audio-Recordings Release Form. Those who do not fill out this form will be deemed to have given "implied consent" to allow uses of recordings made during public congregational events.


How to use the building

[Topics under development. Suggestions welcome.]

Reserve a space for a meeting or event. (UUFCO)
Rent a space for an event. (Community)
Plan an Event. Checklist. 
Project video from your computer in the conference room.
Use audio or video.
Use WiFi.
Turn the lights on or off.
Watch the service from the Fireside Room.
Close up the building.