The Wildcat Wizards Tutoring Program at Juniper Elementary School in NE Bend, a partnership between the school and UUFCO, has been ongoing since 2015. Recruiting of tutors and substitutes is not limited to UUFCO but most participants so far are from our congregation. The program addresses income inequality by helping struggling 3rd grade students build self-confidence and strengthen their academic skills, particularly in math and language arts. Staff at Juniper selected 3rd graders because in 4th grade students begin reading as a key way to learn; if they are lagging in their reading skills they will struggle in all areas. Struggling students are more likely to drop out. The one-on-one student-tutor design of the program helps expose students who are often from low income families to caring, successful adults. Each volunteer tutor contributes about 35 hours a year and substitutes contribute 5 to 20 hours. 

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