What should I wear to this church?
We encourage you to wear what you feel comfortable wearing. At a typical Sunday service, you'll see some people wearing their "Sunday best," and many people dress more casually. Jeans, hiking boots, biker shorts, and other athletic gear are not uncommon!

Is there childcare or a program for children during church?
Yes. Childcare is available for children ages 0-4. For older children we provide classes based on curricula from the Unitarian Universalist Association. Learn more about Religious Exploration and Family Ministries. For more details, see Religious Exploration for Children & Youth.

If my child doesn't separate well, can she or he stay with me in the service?

Are there bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people in this congregation? Are they welcome?
There are LGBTQ people in our congregation, and they are very welcome here! Our congregation is a part of the Welcoming Congregation program, meaning we have taken intentional steps to become more welcoming and inclusive of people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

What goes on during the worship services?
Our services resemble your typical church service in some ways. We begin with a gathering song, hear some announcements, have a special story or other time for children, have an offering, hear a sermon, and sing a closing song. Other UU-specific elements include lighting the Chalice and saying our Covenant (more on that in the next Q!). Read more about our worship.

What is the significance of the Chalice?
The flaming chalice is the official symbol of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Officially or unofficially, it functions as a logo for hundreds of congregations. It was created during WWII, first for use by the Unitarian Service Committee (USC) to help identify official papers as it served in relief efforts throughout the war. It was later adopted by the UUA as an official symbol. Read more about the history of its creation on the UUA website.

Is there a national organization for Unitarian Universalists?
Yes, we are a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association

Are there any books available for adults or children, about Unitarian Universalism?
Yes, we have a book collection which has books for both adults and children. See our Library Collection information.