The UUFCO adult library books and media are located in the Founders’ Fireside Room. Children's books are  in the Religious Exploration Sophia Fahs Commons and classrooms. 

 All of our books are cataloged at online Type in the name, “uufco” and password, “uubendorto search our holdings. Books are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System—with number 289 for books on Unitarian Universalism.

How to Check Books Out

Books and media may be borrowed for three weeks by filling in your name, email or phone number, and the date the book is checked out on the card in the book pocket. Place the card in the “Checked Out” container located with the books. Books are to be returned in the “Return Books Here” basket. Please do not return to the shelves. Both the Fireside Room and Commons have checkout locations.

New Arrivals

Newly added books/DVDs can be found on the table in the Founder's Fireside Room:

  • Healthy Congregations by Peter L. Steinke. About holding in trust the well being of a congregation.
  • Raising The Roof, The Pastoral to Program Size Transition, by Alice Mann. "Pastoral-to-program size change is frequently described as the most challenging of growth transitions for congregations. ... Alice Mann, author of The In-Between Church: Navigating Size Transitions in Congregations, addresses the difficulties of that transition in this resource designed specifically for a congregational learning team."
  • DVDs of  "Long Strange Trip; A Journey through Two Thousand Years of Unitarian Universalist History"–  
  • DVD "Inequality For All"  –