Accessibility for all was one of the guiding visions in the design of our building.

Wheelchair & Walker Accessible: The paths to the entrance from the parking lots are wide and within ADA guidelines. There are five ADA spaces close to the entrance and five "limited mobility" spaces at the closest end of the upper parking lot. The children's play area can be reached on a gently sloped path. The only steps within the building are to the stage. There is an alternate ramp to the side. 

Automatic Door Opener: At the front entrance there is a push button located to the right of the double doors. (Inside, the opener is located to the left of the doors.) 

Assisted Listening Devices: These are available at the welcome desk in the main entry hall.

ASL Interpretation: We have extended our "welcoming congregation" commitment to another population, persons who are deaf or hearing impaired, by providing ASL interpretation two Sundays per month. Also see Eight Tips for Communication with People with Hearing Loss.

Restrooms: All restrooms are fully accessible. There are three gender neutral or family bathrooms (across from the main restrooms, in the Sophia Fahs RE Commons, and in the Bela Bartok Green Room backstage).