Whatever level of engagement you're comfortable with, there are many ways to get involved, whether social action, religious exploration, governance and finance, taking care of our facilities, or more general activities of congregational life. Everyone—newcomers and friends included—is welcome to get involved in our activities and committees. Very few committees require membership in UUFCO. 

Congregational Life
Religious Exploration
Social Justice
Board Committees
Finance Cluster
Facilities Cluster

Congregational Life


The Aesthetics Team works to maintain the vision and integrity of our building and grounds, to ensure that the physical environment is welcoming, informative for members, friends and visitors, and visually and spiritually pleasing. For more information, go to Aesthetics.

Art Resources Team (ART)


The design of our new home is a wonderful setting and inspiration for visual art. Our Art Resource Team (ART) focuses on ways of using art to engage our congregation and the greater community. The team coordinates art shows in our Linus Pauling Hall, sponsors Family Art Nights, and promotes the acquisition of permanent art from the 1% for art designated from the building budget. To date, we have installed an outdoor bronze sculpture of two cranes and two fiber art hangings for our Pete Seeger Gathering Hall. 

Good Times

Good Times activities bring our congregants and newcomers together, fostering friendships, understanding, and knowledge of the wider world. Monthly Circle Suppers are small group potluck gatherings at a host’s home. Card and movie nights, hiking, kayaking, biking and skiing groups, and camping trips all give small groups opportunities to have fun, get to know each other better, and explore the natural world. Each Good Times activity has an organizer who maintains the contact list for that activity.

Healthy Congregations

The Healthy Congregations Team focuses on building and maintaining a collaborative community in our congregation by promoting open, respectful and productive communication. The team coordinates learning opportunities for effective communication and is available to support a conflict resolution process. 

Helping Hands

Members and friends of UUFCO strengthen connections in our community by serving one another in times of need. Helping Hands volunteers have indicated their availability for offering rides, preparing meals, and doing light tasks. Requests for Helping Hands assistance are submitted to the congregational life facilitator.

Library & Archives

The  Founders Fireside Room houses a lending library of books and resources focusing on our UU principles, sources, spiritual traditions, and values. Our Library Committee organizes, manages, and promotes the use of the collection and orders books for adults and children. 


The  Membership Team warmly welcomes newcomers, invites them to participate in congregational activities, and encourages them to consider the path to membership. The team offers three orientation series each year, and membership ceremonies are held in the fall and spring. 

Men's Groups

These groups give men an opportunity to advance their own spiritual and personal journeys within a supportive, empathetic group of peers. The seven principles of Universalism inform and underpin confidential discussions. There are four groups of 8 to 12 men each. 

Music & Choir

Music is vital to the spirit of UUFCO. Our choir enriches Sunday services with vocal music twice a month. All interested singers are welcome to join the choir. In addition, instrumentalists, small group ensembles, soloists, and our house band contribute their musical gifts to Sunday services and other events.

Special Events and Programs

Special events throughout the year inspire our creativity, generosity, and fun-loving spirit. Our fall service auction, featuring donated dinners, trips, services, tickets to events, and handmade items, contributes significantly to the UUFCO operating budget. Our yearly talent show, summer picnic, and back-to-church potluck in the fall bring members and friends together to laugh, play, and deepen our fellowship. Our annual budget drive kicks off with a festive all-congregation potluck and program.

Sunday Volunteers

All members and friends take turns doing everything that makes our Sundays so welcoming—greeters, welcome table, hospitality (coffee, occasional treats), cleanup. This is an easy and fun place for anyone to jump in. If you don't know what team you are on, or would like to be assigned to a team, contact Congregational Life Facilitator. 

Worship Committee

Works with the minister and provides coordination for the content of the services.

Contact Congregational Life Facilitator

Religious Exploration

Children & Youth

Oversees our Religious Exploration program, ensuring our children and youth build a foundation in Unitarian Universalist principles and purposes. Volunteer opportunities include assisting staff teachers with Sunday curricula and activities. Provides childcare for infants and toddlers. 

Adult Spiritual Development

Encourages spiritual growth and promotes a free and responsible search for truth and meaning through a variety of groups, classes and activities grounded in Unitarian Universalist principles and traditions. Offered throughout the year, programs include Soul Matters, meditation, yoga, UU curricula, book clubs, and more. 

Contact RE for Children & Youth       Contact Adult Spiritual Development

Social Justice

Advisory Team

Guides and supports the UUFCO Social Justice Program, authorizing, empowering, affirming and promoting issue teams who work independently on Social Justice issues. 


Bethlehem Inn Dinners

Prepares and serves a monthly meal at Central Oregon’s largest homeless shelter. 


UUFCO's Early Learning Team, a sub-group of the Social Justice Committee's GRACE project works with teachers and administrators to provide new books for 200 children at a Title 1 school in Bend.

Greater Community Collections

Helps our fellowship reach out to others and learn more the about needs in our community, by selecting nonprofit organizations to receive our monthly offering based on our UU principles. 

Project GRACE (Giving Respect And Choosing Equality)

Focuses on escalating inequality, our congregational study and action issue. 

Wildcat Wizards Tutoring Program

Work with a teacher-referred elementary age student weekly throughout the year. Training provided. 

Contact Social Justice

Board Committees

Board of Trustees

Represents and acts for the congregation in setting policy and conducting church business

Leadership Development

Identifies resources that will nurture and grow the long-term health and vitality of our volunteers who take on all levels of responsibility to fulfill our congregation’s mission. 


Assists the Board with setting and managing staff salaries, benefits, and relations. 

Safety & Security

Works to ensure the safety of our congregation and security of our building. 

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Finance Cluster

Chalice Lighters

Helps fulfill dreams of Pacific Northwest District UU congregations by encouraging small donations quarterly. (UUFCO was recipient of grant for play area.)


Encourages gifts and manages funds responsibly to ensure a healthy financial future. Advises the Board on managing our investments.


Leads and guides our budget, spending and approval processes, and annual audits.


Ensures our financial health and conducts our annual pledge drive.

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Facilities Cluster

Facilities Systems

Operates the mechanical systems such as HVAC, plumbing, etc.


Maintains integrity of design and vision to ensure that our environment is welcoming, informative, and visually and spiritually pleasing.


Manages our computer system and network. Operates our audio and projection systems.


Maintains and ensures that our kitchen is fully operational and functions well. Trains volunteers. 

Landscaping & Site

Takes care of everything outside our building—planting, weeding, snow removal. Organizes work parties.


Maintains energy records and leads environmental efforts to ensure that our building is as sustainable as possible. 

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