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Projects (July 2018) — We welcome your input on what flags to fly at UUFCO.

Aesthetics Team Statement (April 2018) — Includes ten touchstones and the intentions of the Aesthetics Team.

New Home Aesthetics Statement (June 2012) — Guiding principles for the design of our building.

Our UUFCO home provides us with an inviting and welcoming meeting place for the multitude of gatherings and activities of our Congregation, as well as for the greater Central Oregon community.  It offers beautiful spaces inside and out that invite sacred, spiritual contemplation and appreciation. 

Sketch by Architect Corey Martin

Sketch by Architect Corey Martin

Through its design, spaces have been created which foster human connection and a culture of inclusiveness, where individual faces and voices can be clearly seen and heard. Natural surroundings visually share interior spaces, enhancing connections with the natural world as well.  These aspects of our home were intentionally created through the use of clean, flowing lines that delight the eye; vertical and horizontal lines that give a sense of stability, curves that help connect us to the land and provide a gentle guiding flow, and wood and stones placed with intention toward enhancing the visual and acoustic qualities of the space. Our home offers opportunities for experiencing our world; in community, in nature, and with our visual, auditory, and tactile senses. Its design invites connection with our humanity, our spirituality, and our earth.

Our Aesthetics Team is called to facilitate careful stewardship of all that our home represents, as a meeting place, as a spiritual space inviting awe, and as an iconic artistic and architectural contribution to our geographic region for present and future generations. We work in partnership with all congregational entities and individuals in a way that promotes mutuality and reciprocity in decision-making as it relates to our home and the aesthetic qualities embodied within it.


Aesthetics Team Purpose: to maintain the vision and integrity of our building and grounds,
to ensure that the physical environment is welcoming, informative for members, friends and visitors,
and visually and spiritually pleasing