We welcome you and your family to our religious exploration program for children and youth. We aim to provide our young people with experiences that will help them journey through life with integrity, compassion, hope, and wonder. We accomplish this through:

  • exploring the wisdom of many spiritual traditions

  • asking questions in an open-minded community

  • caring for each other

  • offering opportunities for creative expression of spiritual ideas

  • understanding that we are each on a life-long path of personal discovery and spiritual growth, of human "becoming"

Our mission is to provide children a foundation based on Unitarian Universalist principles and a community dedicated to providing an environment in which spiritual awareness, tolerance, acceptance, and personal growth are nurtured and developed according to each child’s unique nature. We hope you and your children will join us on our journey.


We offer loving childcare service for babies and toddlers (usually ages 0-3) on Sunday mornings.

Or, if you wish, you are welcome to keep your children with you during the service. The nursery is open 5 minutes before and after each service. Our childcare providers are paid caregivers, who have successfully passed a background check. Under our Safe Church Policy, we require that a minimum of two approved childcare providers are with the children at all times. 

It is our policy to provide childcare upon request during church committee meetings, classes, and special events if children are not invited to participate. Please check with the event coordinator in a timely manner so we can ensure adequate childcare will be provided.

Religious Exploration For Children & Youth

Whether you are a long-time Unitarian Universalist, or this is your first step in exploring our faith, we welcome you! Please take some time to explore our site, our fellowship, and how we work to support Unitarian Universalist families, children and youth. 

Unitarian Universalism embraces theological diversity, welcoming different beliefs, and we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Our approach to children's religious exploration is to provide an experience-based exploration of various topics, to promote the development of the child's own thoughts and feelings, equipping the child for successful navigation through our complex world. We provide a loving and open-minded environment in which children worship, learn, and build multi-generational community. Our curricula are chosen from the fine materials of the Unitarian Universalist Association, which encourage independent thinking in children and adults.

A Typical Sunday

If you are bringing your child to UUFCO for the first time, please check in at the table in the entry hall just outside the Sophia Fahs Commons 15 minutes before the service, so that we may register your child and identify you as the parent/guardian. And also to meet our Interim Director of Religious Exploration, Dana Regan!

Beginning on January 6, 2019, our Religious Exploration classes are held during the 9 a.m. service based on the following schedule:

9 a.m.: First service begins. All teachers, children, and middle school youth begin in the sanctuary. Childcare is available for ages 3 and younger.

9:20 a.m.: After the Time for All Ages and Children’s Covenant, teachers, children and middle school youth depart for their classes. Classes are divided into: pre-k (age 4+) through grade 1; grades 2-5; and middle school.

9:20-10:30: Religious Exploration classes include age-appropriate lessons that teach about values, justice, and religious traditions.

10:15: First service ends and adults are invited to have coffee in the Gathering Hall.

10:30 a.m.: Sunday school classes end. Parents pick up their children grade 5 and younger. Children and youth enjoy the Kids Table in the Gathering Hall.

11 a.m.: Second service begins. High school youth will go to their class unless it is a multi-generational service. Child care is available for ages 3 and younger during both services.

flags mark the sophia fahs commons in the religious exploration area. the information and signup table is just outside this space.

flags mark the sophia fahs commons in the religious exploration area. the information and signup table is just outside this space.

beatrix potter childcare space

beatrix potter childcare space

Time for all ages

Time for all ages

Singing the Children out to their classes

Singing the Children out to their classes

children are welcome to enjoy our play area before or after the service.

children are welcome to enjoy our play area before or after the service.

In this place, I am kind.
In this place, I am loving.
In this place, I am a friend to the earth and all animals and people.
In this place, I am loved.
— Children's Covenant