Soul Matters materials focus on experiencing something, not simply talking about it, and offers questions to walk with. From September through June each Soul Matters participant receives a packet of reflection-provoking materials on that month’s theme. Examples of theme topics for the 2016-17 year included: covenant, story, identity, transformation – with the focus articulated, “What is it like to be a community of covenant?” And so on. The materials are gathered from Soul Matters participants around the country – poems, quotes, links to podcasts and videos, reviews of movies and books related to the theme, and are presented with a number of exercises that encourage a deeper exploration of the topic in one’s daily life. Many of our congregation’s participants choose to work with the theme packets for personal reflection; others have joined a Soul Matters small group that meets once monthly to share the insights of one’s personal explorations. New groups are formed every September.

These theme packets are made available by UUFCO’s Adult Religious Exploration program, and are free of charge. To request a packet, join a group, or  learn more about Soul Matters, contact Soul Matters at UUFCO.

Themes for Soul Matters in 2017

  • September = Welcome
  • October = Courage
  • November = Abundance
  • December = Hope 
  • January = Intention
  • February = Perseverance
  • March = Balance
  • April = Emergence
  • May = Creativity
  • June = Blessing

Sample Packet

May 2017— What does it mean to be a community of Embodiment?