Information about UUFCO members is now available on the Breeze online photo directory. This is the same tool used by staff for maintaining our official member records, so contact information is always current.

Besides contact information, you will also be able to:

  • See photos of members
  • See who is chairing or members of which committees or teams
  • See who is leading or assigned to which Sunday volunteer team
  • See biographies, skills, interests and participation for all members
  • Send emails to selected groups of UUFCO members






If you are a member of UUFCO  and do not have a Breeze account, please fill in form to left. We hold periodic training sessions at UUFCO and some training is included as part of the new member orientation.

Watch a Breeze training video.


* We regret that only UUFCO members can have a Breeze account. Please contact congregational life facilitator with questions.