November 12, 2017 — "Sharing Caring"

Rev. Scott Rudolph

The foundation of congregational life is that we are a caring community. This shows up in ways big and small. We invite people to lean in when times are hard, and we encourage members to offer care to others when they can. This web of caring is what holds us together.    

November 5 - "Who Does What?"

Rev. Scott Rudolph

"Shared ministry" is how we come together to work toward fulfilling the mission of our fellowship. We are all in this together. It is the people of the congregation who bring the church to life. If that is true, then why bother having a minister?    

October 29 — "Clean Friendships"

Judy Hurlburt, Lay-led Service

Judy Hurlburt, a member since 2012, began conversations about the nature of friendships after the recent, sudden death of a dear friend. Judy will share insights from these conversations, and will reflect on the courage it takes for developing and maintaining what she calls "clean friendships"-one whose deep value and benefits she continues to understand since her friend's death. Read sermon.

October 22 — "95 Theses"

Rev. Scott Rudolph

500 years ago in October, 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses to the door of All Saints' Church, Wittenberg, Germany and started the Protestant Reformation. He was protesting practices of the Church and looking for justice. Our world today is still in need of reformation and justice. We will gather around these ideas in worship rather than nail them to the front door.   

October 15 — "Everything is Amazing"

Rev. Scott Rudolph

Smart phones. Optometry. Cars. The night sky. These are all just part of our normal everyday life. But gadzooks! Those things are incredible! When we get used to things, the novelty wears off and the stuff of life shifts from amazing to normal. The religious life invites us see the profound within the mundane. This keeps life shimmering. Let's take it in together.  

October 8 — "What Have You Left Out"

Dawn Song, Lay-led Service

Dawn talks about her journey from the loneliness of isolation to wholeness and how she let the Light in.

October 1 — "What the New Minister Believes"

Rev. Scott Rudolph

Who is that guy up front anyway and where is he coming from? Unitarian Universalists have the freedom to claim their own beliefs. The beliefs we hold shape our actions and lives. Turns out, the minister has a few things that he believes in as well. This morning, Rev. Rudolph will share with the congregation some of his beliefs.

Note: Congregants were treated to the Rev's rendition of Holy Now, by Peter Mayer, prior to the sermon. You can check out the original by clicking here!

September 24, 2017 — "Thank you for Your Welcome"

Rev. Scott Rudolph

 Do you remember your first time through the fellowship doors? New people are having this experience every single week at UUFCO. Who is welcome here on Sundays? In Bend? In this country? On our planet? The act of welcoming opens to possibility.

September 17, 2017 — "Like the Deschutes – Ingathering and Water Communion"

Rev. Scott Rudolph

Our fellowship doesn't stop in the summer, but we do like to celebrate the beginning of the new church year on Ingathering Sunday! We will celebrate our annual Water Communion with a multigenerational service. No matter if your travels were far flung over the summer or if you stayed close to home, bring some water, either actual or symbolic, of a place or moment from your summer months that was meaningful to you. It is good to be together again!

September 10, 2017 — "Love Thy Neighbor, an Interfaith Experiment in Social Justice"

UUFCO Neighbor Love Cohort and Guest Speaker, Paulina Machi

The practical and spiritual experience of working with several other faith communities across Central Oregon to understand and support immigrant communities will be discussed. Plans for "Welcoming Week" in the region and directions for the future of Neighbor Love will be highlighted.

September 3, 2017 — "Beginning and Becoming"

Rev. Scott Rudolph

We welcome Rev. Scott Rudolph to our congregation and to our community. At this, Rev. Scott's first service as our new minister, he reminds us that in our own lives and as a community, the process of becoming is ongoing. And yet, often times along the way, there are new beginnings and next chapters. Together, we create this fellowship with our love and our commitment, and in return, this place helps us become who we are. Join us for this celebratory day in the life of our congregation.