The central area of our building, it is open to the wide entry hall and connects with the sanctuary through 12-foot wide sliding doors, to the Linus Pauling Hall and The Founders’ Fireside Room through double doors, and to the kitchen through a pass-through. It is full of light and opens to the south terrace through wide sliding doors. Typically it has three large tables on wheels which can be moved as needed. The Gathering Hall is an excellent place for receptions, dining, conferences, meetings, and socializing. When additional space is needed, overflow can expand into the sanctuary Fireside Room, or out to the terrace. See our Building Tour for a quick walk through of spaces. 


SIZE: 2,374 square feet

Max capacity per code: 
Actual capacity depends on layouts

Available round tables: xxx
Available rectangular tables (--x--):
Available rectangular tables (--x--):
Available upholstered chairs:
Available wooden chairs: 

See sample layouts below.

TECHNOLOGY/EQUIPMENT: projector and screen, video feed from the sanctuary, independent sound and video from a podium within the Gathering Hall located slightly NW of east door to terrace.



Plus additional photos as provided. Could be uniform size in gallery, but will not print well.


Sample Layouts & Capacities



Dining at round tables (60” in diameter 8 people at each table, 14 tables=112 people. High chairs available. 
Conference: various arrangements seating approx. 28 people at 24x72” flip top rectangular tables.
Chairs in rows facing podium and/or tables for classes, meetings, conferences (drawing labels need adjusting): up to 120 people.
Sanctuary overflow: 120 facing stage or screen.

Seating Capacity: 112????
Table Capacity: 14x 60" Rounds?????
Available Round Tables (60"): 30???
Available Rectangular Tables (30"x84"?????)
Available Side Tables (30"x72"?????)

Would this be a good place to say how many plates, glasses, etc???



Link to unfurnished floorpan for people to print out / draw on? Should have measurements. This will not print well. We could make a PDF, but would be a separate expense from website. 

Rental Policies (or link to PDF?) Used these from Aspen Hall just to get an idea. Please provide what you want here. 
[Something about nonprofits, range?]

Renters are responsible for setup and takedown of chairs and tables, unless arranged otherwise with events manager. Visitors are expected to return the space to pre-event layout and cleanliness standards?

Food & Beverage -example from Aspen Hall

Renters supply their own dishes, cups, napkins and utensils. We encourage the use of recycled and sustainable products.

• Renters are welcome to have their meeting or event catered by the business of their choice.

• Alcohol may be served and requires the following:

– An alcohol permit issued by BPRD on behalf of the City of Bend

– A certificate of $2 million general liability insurance per occurrence. This is generally a supplemental insurance policy to a privately insured person.

– Adherence to OLCC and City of Bend regulations.

Kitchen amenities include: electric, commercial double oven; six stove-top burners; one 24’x24’ grill top; double sinks with stainless steel counter, two 30” x 8’ counter tables, one 30” x 8’ counter table on casters, large refrigerator, standard freezer, ice machine and a small microwave.  A large propane barbecue is located outside the kitchen.

Fees, Deposits and Insurance

1. A payment of $250 per daily use is due at the time of reservation. This will be applied toward the rental fee.

2. The balance of rental fee is due 30 days prior to the event. If a reservation is made less than 30 days before the event, payment for the deposit and rental are due at the time of reservation.

3. If you need to cancel, refunds will be issued as follows:

– Full refund: Notice of cancellation is 6-12 months prior to the event;

– Half refund: Notice of cancellation is 3-6 months prior to the event;

– No refund: Cancellation less than 3 months prior to the event.

4. A security cleaning deposit of $500 is required 30 days before your event. The deposit is fully reimbursable if the facility and BPRD rules and regulations are followed.  If damage occurs in excess of the deposit, the renter agrees to reimburse the district for all repairs. Failure to reimburse the district for loss or damage will result in forfeiture of future rental rights.

5. Security cleaning deposits will be refunded following the event when keys are returned, the facility is cleaned to specifications set by the district and no damage is done to the facility or surrounding grounds.

Reservations may be made by people 18 and over unless alcohol is being served and then you must be 21 years of age. The person completing the rental application must be present during the entire rental period. Renters of BPRD facilities are legally responsible for activities in and around the facility during use, including damage to the facilities or injury to participants. Renters must provide a certificate of $2 million general liability insurance per occurrence. If alcohol is going to be served, renters must obtain an alcohol permit issued by BPRD on behalf of the City of Bend Police and provide an additional rider on the insurance certificate.