How shall we use our flagpoles to declare our identity and values?

Starting from the end of the flagpole nearest Skyliners Road, we consistently fly our chalice-and-mountain logo and the rainbow flag, the conventional insignia of LGBTQ rights and inclusivity. Our intention is to change the innermost flag each month, and perhaps to sometimes substitute an alternative to the standard rainbow flag. Please check boxes of flags that you’d like to see included in the rotation.

We encourage you to suggest flags not listed here. Please provide a link to the design and explain how it embodies one or more of the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism. To qualify for consideration, a flag design must be clear, simple, and easy to understand. The design must be in the public domain (check Wikimedia Commons), and the flag must be available for purchase online. Please include URLs to the public domain design and a sales site where we can purchase it. If a flag is most appropriate for a given month, tell us about the commemoration.

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