UUFCO Summary of Committees

Updated February 12, 2015

This summary includes the work of the Advanced Planning Task Force and subsequent discussion by the Board. Note that some related functions are grouped in clusters to provide flexibility. Some of the potential committees included in a cluster may not be active from the start, but may be added as the work increases and members are available. You can also read or print the list of committee information here.


Finance Cluster

  • Works with Treasurer to manage investments; make budgets and financial plans; Raises funds through annual giving and special appeals
  • Includes Finance, Capital Campaign, Fundraising, and Stewardship committees

Congregational Development Cluster

  • Recruits and nominates candidates for the Board and itself, for approval at annual meeting; identifies and trains new leadership in congregation
  • Includes Nominating and Congregational Development committees


  • Maintains the roster of staff positions with position descriptions and recommends personnel policy

Strategic Plan Task Force

  • Develops, updates, gathers input for, revises and periodically distributes long‐range strategic plan

Facilities Cluster

  • Responsible for managing, operating, and maintaining the church building and its systems, either directly or through contracts
  • Includes Facilities Systems, Facilities Maintenance, Facilities Management, Art Integration, AV Technology Team, Kitchen Maintenance, Information Technology (IT), Library, Landscaping, and Sustainability Resilience committees

Security and Safety Cluster

  • Plans for overall safety aspects of the facilities, including fire and exit safety; provides for critical incident response
  • Includes Security and Safety committee and Critical Incident Response Team



Coordinates the overall operations of the congregation’s program and activities. Ensures that the church calendar is complete and free of conflicts.

Caring Committee

  • Coordinates congregational response when a member, friend, or family is in need of support

Good Times

  • Coordinates social functions within the congregation

Hospitality (new committee)

  • Organizes coffee, tea and other refreshments following Sunday services and selected other events.

Membership team

  • Coordinates the process by which newcomers move from initial visits to becoming members, including visitor follow‐up and classes for prospective members

Social Justice

  • Promotes awareness of social justice issues in the broader community and opportunities for members to make a difference

Sanctuary Services Cluster

  • Coordinates and plans worship services and music
  • Includes Sanctuary Services and Music committees

Communications Cluster

  • Manages communication within the congregation, outreach, and public relations
  • Includes Congregational communications, Outreach, and Public Relations committees

Lifespan Religious Education Cluster

  • In consultation with the Director of Religious Exploration, coordinates and plans RE classes for pre‐high school children; coordinates and plans a program of religious information and enrichment for adults; provides a program of spiritual search and fellowship for youth
  • Includes Adult, Child, and Youth/Campus Ministry committees

(Board committees that will coordinate with the Council of Committees)

  •  (Fundraising)
  •  (Stewardship)
  •  (Security and Safety)



  • Solicits and manages funds given as a continuing endowment for UUFCO

PNWD Chalice Lighters

  • Coordinates the participation in district Chalice Lighters, including recruiting of participants and, when appropriate, requesting grants

Sunday morning set‐up

  • Volunteer group to prepare the sanctuary and perhaps other areas for Sunday and other services

Shared Ministry Committee

  • Explores the Congregation's role and agreed responsibility in shared ministries and the various concerns and challenges of the Minister/Congregation role.

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