Workgroup Information

Design Workgroups were small task-oriented groups of people who were especially interested or most involved in a specific area of our Fellowship and New Home. Some groups met only a few times, mostly at the beginning of the planning stages and then again later to help make refinements. The time commitment varied with the complexity of the task.  People who were not members of a workgroup were welcome to submit their ideas via online forums or on paper in suggestion boxes.

These workgroups worked closely with the Design Committee. Each group determined the specific needs of an area, how it would be used, and how it would feel. As information for each special area was developed, it was included in the overall Design Matrix, with the final version completed on July 6, 2012.  See the Design Matrix article for more information.

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Design Matrix

The Design Matrix was created by combining the input from multiple Design Committee Workgroups. Each major area of the New Home was allocated a Workgroup with the responsibility to gather and prioritize design elements related to that area.

The Design Matrix was used to inform our architects, THA Architecture, when they began the Design Development phase of the New Home Project.

Design Matrix, Final Version, July 6, 2012  (PDF, size 651 KB)


UUFCO New Home Recognized by Portland AIA

The Portland Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently announced their annual awards for design excellence. Our new home was selected in the 'unbuilt' category by a prestigious jury of national and international architects. You can see THA Architecture's submission on our website and read what inspired their design for our building -- especially the geology of our site and the principles of Unitarian Universalism.

Summary of Essential Elements

Our new UUFCO spiritual home will be:

  • situated on the west edge of Bend, on the southeast corner of Skyliners and Skyline Ranch Roads;
  • well-integrated with the natural surroundings of the high desert;
  • sited on the north portion of the 22-acre property with extensive solar access from the south and glimpses of Cascade peaks to the west;
  • approached gracefully under towering ponderosa pines with a curving driveway and paths from parking areas;
  • connected to nature with windows that take advantage of the light and views, and with doors leading to terraces, our own nature trails, meditation areas, picnic tables, and access to public biking and hiking trails;
  • universally accessible inside and out;
  • constructed with local materials and energy-efficient technologies to the greatest feasible extent;
  • adaptable, with most spaces having multiple uses.

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