New Home Vision

Our new home will embody the spirit, values, and principles of UUFCO. As an intergenerational liberal religious community open to all, we value lifelong learning, VisionPicfreedom of belief, caring fellowship, spiritually meaningful services, and engaged social action. We envision our new home as being respectful of the land with a strong connection to nature, full of natural light and fresh air. It will be a green, sustainable, energy-efficient, low maintenance building—a model for the community. We will create a building that allows for flexibility and growth and is universally accessible. We see it being simple, but well done, aesthetically pleasing, and of a timeless quality.

This will be a warm, inviting, and welcoming space. There will be outside areas for gatherings, gardens, meditation, and play. Most importantly, we are building a home that allows us to provide fully for the programs that are our reason for being. This home will include space for religious education programs that inspire curiosity and lifelong learning for both young people and adults. It will be a living space—not just on Sundays, but throughout the week, and will be an asset not only to our own congregation, but also to the greater community.

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