Sunday Service Announcements

July 2 at 10:30am

"Finding Your Truth"
Ayla Halberstadt, Director of Religious Exploration

Throughout our lives, our claimed identities change and evolve as we grow as people. Let us explore how our ever changing identities impacts us on a personal level and how it impacts us as a beloved community interacting with the greater community and world.  


June 25 at 10:30am

Gratitude and Goodbyes
Susan Kinney and James Simmons-Cox, Lay-led Service

As we come together for our last Sunday with Rev. Antonia, let us pause and reflect on gratitude for our time together, leavings, loss and the opportunities for new beginnings.



June 18 at 10:30am

Many Hands, Many Flowers, Many Blessings
Rev. Antonia Won

As we celebrate Fathers’ Day, we’ll also hold our flower communion and recognize the dedication, teamwork, and generosity of spirit of our volunteers and leaders that keeps us going. Bring a flower today!



June 11 at 10:30am

Stumbling on Happiness
Rev. Antonia Won

We Northerners revel in the return of summer, the savoring of special places and people, and hopes of more happy times. And sometimes the stories we come away with give us the best returns on summer! Rev. Antonia closes out her sermon season with a focus on June’s twin theme of joy/zest.



May 21 at 10:30am

Crafting Hope
Rev. Antonia Won

Prompted by the theme of 'embodiment,' Rev. Antonia explores the concept of craft as a spiritual practice and expression of human dignity, and the value of craft in our day and age. 



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