Social Justice

Our Social Justice focus helps us live into the Seven Principles...


by finding ways to engage in democratic processes

   to honor every person with dignity,

      to help further the work of creating a world

    community with peace, justice and liberty for all,

                     and so much more.


Bethlehem Inn Dinners

Since 2008, UUFCO has — once every month — prepared a full meal for the residents of the Bethlehem Inn, Central Oregon's largest homeless shelter. Since the Bethlehem Inn is a converted motel without a central kitchen facility, the meal is prepared offsite by volunteers who choose the portion they'd like to make: e.g., turket meat loaf, mashed potatoes, cupcakes, etc.  The food is then delivered to the Inn warm, and served by other UUFCO volunteers.  The residents of the Inn are always deeply appreciative of the food shared with them — healthy and prepared with love and kindness.  

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Greater Community Collection

Every month we dedicate the offering of the last Sunday to a non-profit organization whose mission aligns with ours and with the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism.  The recipients are nominated by members of the congregation (GCC Nomination Form) and then evaluated by members of the Social Justice Advisory Team.  Examples of recipients during the past years:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Latino Community Association
  • Deschutes Land Trust
  • Bethlehem Inn
  • Partners in Care
  • United Way
  • Many others...

Upcoming Greater Community Collection

Building Homes... Building Community.  The Bend Area Habitat for Humanity will be the recipient of the October UUFCO Greater Community Collection. They are dedicated to providing affordable homeownership and home repair services for low income families. Through this selection we are acting on the second Unitarian Universalist principle to affirm and promote justice, compassion and equity in human relations. Recognizing that inequality drives people into poverty, the Bend area Habitat for Humanity provides a hand-up, not a hand-out, to families selected on their need, ability to pay and their willingness to partner with Habitat.  

Each year Bend Area Habitat for Humanity (BAHFH) sells about six (6) simple, decent, affordable homes to qualified individuals and families in Bend and one to two (1-2) to qualified individuals and families in Crook County. These home loans are zero-interest and require no down payment. Since 1989 Habitat has built 103 homes that have helped more than 500 children and adults achieve their dreams of homeownership and to break the cycle of poverty.

At Habitat volunteerism is the key in helping the disadvantaged, one home at a time. Check it out at:

Annual and Special Social Justice Opportunities:

We encourage our members and friends to take part in peace and justice events whenever, wherever possible. For the past several years, UUFCO has been involved in the following events, and others:

  • Project Connect:  a regional services faire providing much needed assistance to the homeless and underserved population
  • CROP Walk:  a nationwide fund-raiser sponsored by Church World Service, with local and national disbursement of funds raised
  • Central Oregon Pride: our regional LGBTQ-affirming event sponsored by Human Dignity Coalition

Additional Social Justice Information:

Central Oregon Social Justice Center, 155 NW Irving, Bend,  or email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UUA Social Justice Information

UUA Social Justice Empowerment Handbook

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Northwest Unitarian Universalist Justice Network    

Oregon Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice


Upcoming Social Justice Activities

  • 10/23/2014      5:30 pm    Dinner at Bethlehem Inn
  • 11/20/2014      5:30 pm    Dinner at Bethlehem Inn
  • 12/18/2014      5:30 pm    Dinner at Bethlehem Inn


Social Justice Advisory Team Meetings

You are invited to the next meeting of the Social Justice Advisory Team meets regularly at the Cottage.  New participants are welcome to come and help plan activities.  Contact Charles & Wilma Campbell for more information.


CSAI - Congregational Study - Action Issue

The 2014 General Assembly of Unitarian Universalists selected Escalating Inequality as the next study/action issue (CSAI) (2014-2018). We look forward to presenting informational programs on this issue and hope that actions also will be generated. Reproductive Justice: Expanding Our Social Justice Calling continues as a targeted issue as a current CSAI
(2012-2016) that will need continued attention.

UUFCO will co-sponsor “Building Common Ground—Addressing Privilege, Power and Oppression”. Building Common Ground is a task for everyone. Many of us feel we are not racist – or guilty of other “isms” that separate our social groups – and yet find ourselves unable to say we are free of those “isms”. Concepts will be introduced that help to build a deeper understanding, and steps will be identified that each participant can take to heal our communities. The program is being developed by various local social justice organizations. One session is planned for October and another in connection with COCC’s season of nonviolence.


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